About Us

Spring Mark is a company dedicated to manufacturing and selling spring units for different markets, such as the mattress and padded furniture industries. Relying in a strategy focused on innovation and on staying ahead of the market, this company ensures a true revolution in concepts, formats, new synergies and a capacity of response flexible enough to handle the demands of the market.

Since specialization is a goal, the decision of equipping the new manufacturing plant with modern equipments, thus turning it into a highly specialized plant, has ensured a better efficiency and a higher production capacity, which allows for more competitive prices accompanied by very effective quality controls. Thus, quality, trust and response capacity are the main identity points of this new plant, avoiding ineffective production costs or high maintenance costs in structures that require large expenditures, like traditional mattress factories. All of this is vital to reduce costs, while benefiting our customers at the same time. Our entire project is solidly based on constant research and on the training of human resources with the aid of new and advanced equipments that allow for an effective response to market demands. By working effectively, we developed a new project that will always remain centered in the offer of new personalized solutions to our customers.

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